Emperor has been providing end-to-end product solutions for individuals and businesses since 2010. We do our best to reimagine the traditional process of creating products that people grow to love. We take your concepts from the idea stage to mass market with professional execution at every single step of the way.  



Our team is constantly keeping tabs on the latest designs to keep up with the demanding market, but also looking back at traditional, and even historical, designs that are classic. When the idea comes, we bring it to life.


Design is more than just taking your idea and bringing it to life. It involves problem solving so that your idea can actually be manufactured to create an effective and practical application. We will listen to your ideas and feedback to design something that not only you will love, but the market as well. 


Our logistical expertise spans the globe with customers on nearly every continent. Whether you need prototypes for your trade show in Las Vegas, fulfillment center restocked in Texas, or new packaging signed off by the Paris team, we've got you covered. Our logistics team is ready to help you whenever and however it can. 


Our team is made up of experts in what people want. Since merchandising is basically the art and science of selling through products, everything that goes into our private & white label solutions help sell the product and represent the celebrity, band, or brand it needs to represent. 


We believe that by creating win-win scenarios we can ensure long term cooperation. Throughout the product development life cycle, we will recommend best practices for packaging design, placement of product, and everything else that is needed to ensure that your sales team has what it needs to sell the product properly. 


Without distribution channels, even a good product can fail. With our broad distribution network, we can connect you with top retailers and cross promote with other brands through their networks to maximize sales and open new doors for your new product or line. 


Do you have a mass market product that solves a problem? We can help get the funding to jumpstart your project and take it to heights you can not believe. Each project is evaluated on a case by case basis and nothing is guaranteed. We can guarantee that we will do our humanly best to make your product a success though! 


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