"Emperor Promos is hands down a diamond in the rough when it comes to product sourcing and development.  Steve and his team has been nothing but helpful with each and every process. They're straight shooters, and have decades of experience in this industry. Highly recommend!"

Trevor Sarver | 85 Supply, Inc.

"I’ve had the pleasure in working closely with Steve for best part of a decade and we evolved from a simple customer / supplier relationship to strategic partners where we have enjoyed a strong, winding business journey together. Steve is a rare breed of business talent that is, before anything, 100% trustworthy. He does what he says! This is super important when dealing with someone in the other side of the world. Not only is he trustworthy, he is capable, experienced and dependable. So you can sleep soundly at night knowing Steve and his team are working on your behalf while you take care of other business." 

Marcelo Bustamante | Fuse Innovation (UK)


"Working with the team at Emperor had been amazing. I've worked with the team on several deals for over a year and I have been very pleased with the quality of products that Emperor provides and the way they conduct business ensuring customer's requests were accommodated. Working in different timezones may be tough but we have always been able to rely on their responsiveness, flexibility, and courteous service. Any issues have been minor and the very professional team has worked swiftly to remedy them through great communication. Highly recommended!!!" 

Annabel Demana | Organico Travel Retail (UAE)

"Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Great experience! Steve answered all my questions. Very insightful!" 

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew | (USA)

"Thank you so much for invaluable advice! Great seller- efficient and gives good insights on how to promote products. Will definitely recommend."

Klara Chen | Tah Tong Textile Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)

"Top professionalism with excellent communication and excellent knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended."

Khushboom Modi | Shriram Handles (India)

"Great communication and clear understanding of the vision for the product we want to create. Loved the down-to-earth collaborative approach and looking forward to working further!"
"Emperor has high experience about ecommerce business, lots of good ideas, recommended."
"I have worked with Emperor on numerous projects for some years and have always been impressed with his industry knowledge, communication, business acumen and work ethic.Stephen is always a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm and passion is contagious when it comes to sourcing the right service or product.I can recommend Stephen for any easy to complex projects as his can do approach will always put you at ease, you couldn’t be in better hands." 
謝謝 , 他把我的產品從客戶群;區域市場分析;打包上架,在不同平台分銷。我只是把新產品給他,然後他搞掂。讓我把時間精力集中在新產品研發 
"I've had the genuine pleasure to work closely with Steve for six years at Emperor and got to know him as one of the most capable but above all trustworthy people around. Though inexperienced, Steve saw potential and gave me the chance to learn and fail, as well as giving me the tools to develop into who I am today. I've gained a lot of respect for the way he goes about running his businesses and how he takes any project big or small close to heart. I highly recommend Steve and his commitment to helping his clients and those around him succeed." 
"We found in Emperor a really valuable collaboration partner for our company. Our clients sometimes asked a lot in respect to customization and delivery time. Stephen has given us full support with great results on several ticklish projects." 
"Stephen was very receptive and his coaching very useful. I definitely recommend him!"