Meet the Team

Management Consultant | Linkedin
Steve Peters is an experienced supply chain management consultant, entrepreneur, brand creator, product design & manufacturing expert based in our Hong Kong office. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Steve manages most of the product development & manufacturing side of Emperor FBA. He speaks fluent Mandarin & enjoys hiking with his kids when not in front of multiple screens handling the day to day. 

Procurement Consultant | Linkedin
Wes Merson is an experienced supply chain management expert with a background in B2B sales & vendor management. Wes manages most of our wholesale  channels & is also an expert in product design & manufacturing. He speaks fluent Mandarin & enjoys playing the guitar.
Logistics Consultant | Linkedin

Ivy Zeng is an experienced sourcing, supply chain & manufacturing expert based in Shenzhen, China.  She is a vital team member and without her we would simply not exist. She runs the day to day between the various teams and makes sure that everything flows smoothly.

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