How to Get Your Cannabis Accessory Manufactured

Ever come up with a product idea while consuming Cannabis? Sure you have! How about turning that product into reality and creating freedom for yourself? Maybe not. But there is a chance, however slim, that that product idea could change your life forever. 

Now there are plenty of companies that will offer to help you set up prototypes, get a provisional patent, and do just about anything if you'll throw some money at them, but do you really have that kind of money and time to waste? 

At Emperor, we won't waste your time or charge you silly costs up front to do things you can do yourself. What we can do is help guide you on your journey of product development and creation. 

First things first we'll sign an NDA which can be found here and then we'll set up a time in our calendar to have a quick chat about your idea. Sound good? Let's get started! GET STARTED


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