How Not to Get Screwed Over Sourcing from China

If you've spent any time as an Amazon seller or entrepreneur buying products from China you know the pitfalls. The supplier that over promises and under delivers. The five perfect orders and the 6th being total crap. It's been going on for a long time and there isn't a whole lot you can do. One thing you can do is follow a few guiding principals that hopefully can alleviate some of the issues you've faced. 


Who is actually going to be making & shipping your product? Obvious clues are "Trading Company" in the company name but what other clues are there? Read their reviews. How long have they been in business. Is the person you chat with for quotes the same person they list as the representative? When you look at the SGS or other certifications in their profile are things crossed out or super blurry?

Pro tip: misspellings are not a red flag 


It's always been a big problem. "Yes!" Is the normal answer when asking a supplier if they can make a product for you especially if the quantity is high. If you take that at face value you will get burned time and time again. Triple confirm everything. That means everything. Packaging, instructions manuals, UPC labels, and any other detail that you assume they will get right. Make sure they confirm visually with high quality pictures or video. Do not just take their word for it because they have a diamond next to their profile rating. 

Pro tip: probably best to quadruple confirm


Although there are some safeguards in place when working with suppliers on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Taobao & others, you're not 100% protected. In reality no one can be protected fully but there is a way to at least have some legal protection if and when there is an issue. There is no need to view this document as an end all but sometimes waving it around when things go bad (and they inevitably will) can help move the process faster. Although most factories do not like these agreements or may simply refuse to sign them, if you're doing more than $5000 a month you need to get one of these made. 

Pro tip: when your lawyer is writing this up make sure they specify  which language takes precedent in the event of a suit

Having someone on the ground in China is also critical to success. With the pandemic still raging as of this post, it's important to have a strong partner who can actually verify what is going on at the factory that you're working with. If you need help with quality control, an unresolved issue with an order, or anything in between please reach out to us for a quotation today. 

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