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Since 2010, we've helped business leaders increase valuation through unique strategies in supply chain management, manufacturing, prototyping, and logistics.

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I’ve had the pleasure in working closely with Steve Peters for best part of a decade and we evolved from a simple customer / supplier relationship to strategic partners where we have enjoyed a strong, winding business journey together. Steve is a rare breed of business talent that is, before anything, 100% trustworthy. He does what he says! This is super important when dealing with someone in the other side of the world. Not only is he trustworthy, he is capable, experienced and dependable. So you can sleep soundly at night knowing Steve and his team are working on your behalf while you take care of other business.

Marcelo Bustamante | Fuse Innovation (UK)

Working with Steve Peters was a fantastic experience in my career. I had the opportunity to learn a lot next to him since he's a great leader, coach, and motivator. Very positive attitude and amazing personality. Not many people have the opportunity to work with someone as efficient and dedicated as Steve. It was a pleasure working with him during my stage at Emperor.

Victor Minguez Lopez | Brandeando (Spain)

I've had the genuine pleasure to work closely with Steve for six years at Emperor and got to know him as one of the most capable but above all trustworthy people around. Though inexperienced, Steve saw potential and gave me the chance to learn and fail, as well as giving me the tools to develop into who I am today. I've gained a lot of respect for the way he goes about running his businesses and how he takes any project big or small close to heart. I highly recommend Steve and his commitment to helping his clients and those around him succeed.

Wouter Savelkoul | Intra Industry (Netherlands)

Emperor Promos is hands down a diamond in the rough when it comes to product sourcing and development. Steve and his team has been nothing but helpful with each and every process. They're straight shooters, and have decades of experience in this industry. Highly recommend!

Trevor Sarver | 85 Supply (USA)

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